Great News about The Porch!

We are so excited to tell you all the new happenings at The Porch this year! The new name of the restaurant is The Porch at Friars Bay Inn and Cottages. We welcome the new managers, Jean-Pierre “JP” Beaujean and Nathalie Lacaille, with open arms. Breakfast and lunch will be served with the normal fare and they have new ideas to share in the coming weeks, such as wine events and Friday night barbecue and music. Yum!

Finding Campobello Island

We sat down with JP and Nathalie to find out how they came to settle in Campobello. Nathalie told us she always wanted to get back to the water. On their weekends, they would travel all over the place, and it was during this time that Nathalie realized Campobello was a perfectly unique spot. She heard about Campobello for the first time on a summer trip to Deer Island.

Nature All Around

Of her time spent in Campobello, Nathalie recounted how connected to nature you feel with all the surrounding wildlife. You can hear the whales at night, partake in bird watching, or catch a glimpse of the dolphins and porpoise in the water. She especially liked her new neighbors, the beavers.

A Shared Love of Food

Both JP and Nathalie share a love of food so deep, they both feel they have been raised through food. Nathalie has fond memories of her father loving to cook. JP, originally from Montreal, worked as a manager in a restaurant after school, and as a waiter throughout his education. His grandparents owned restaurants in Paris, where he learned “you cook for others, not yourself”. For JP, eating is sharing your experiences with others, and he loves to share.

They are looking forward to the opening of The Porch at Friars Bay Inn and Cottages in May and continuing to have fun doing what they love.

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